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Alex Chesney, Andrea Olfert, Avery Gillis, the Benere/Arsenaults, Bill Arnott, Blair Trewartha, Catriona Wright, Chris Johnson, Corey Isenor, Diana Samu-Visser, Dylan Schoenmakers, Hilary Hart, Jacob Caines, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Janet Barkhouse, Jen & Taylor Kraayenbrink, Karen Verboom, Kent Wakeman, the Levantes, Marshall Reber, Mike Roy, Natasha Bastien & David Huebert, Paul Richardson, Shawn Storry, Simon Brown, and Sydney Warner Brooman

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long con and its side projects (Collusion Books and Couplets) are entirely not-for-profit. We are committed to keeping our core magazine free and independent of the restrictions (e.g., on whom/what we can publish) that often come with state funding, which means we need your help to develop sustainable means of compensating all of our contributors.

  1. If you value long con magazine and the artists & authors we publish, consider supporting the long con Contributor Payment Fund. Your donation goes directly to contributors.
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  2. If you value long con and want your donation to grow — or if you have a taste for collaborative poetry — consider supporting the Collusion Chapbook Printing Fund. Your donation will fund the printing of our next season of collaborative poetry chapbooks. All revenue from these chapbooks goes directly to long con contributors.
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  3. If you want to give non-monetary support, consider engaging with and sharing the work of our contributors. Look into their other publications. Send them notes of appreciation. Write or share reviews of their work. Each of these acts is a gift of your time and labour, and they all help to legitimize not only our contributors' works and our publishing projects but also digital publication in general.

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Printing Fund

invested in printing the next season of Collusion chapbooks

grown through (or at least recuperated from) sales of that season's chapbooks

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Payment Fund

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pooled until there's enough to pay all of the contributors in an issue of long con

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