long con is published quarterly &

accepts submissions year-round on a rolling basis

submit by July 31, 2020, to be considered for long con ISSUE 3 (published in August)

submission guidelines:

  • Send your artworks about other artworks to longconmag@gmail.com:

    • ​Subject line: [submission genre], [your name(s)]

    • Email body:

      • your artist bio(s) in 3rd person (including pronouns)

      • your social media accounts and website (for promotional use)

      • a brief description of how each attached submission responds to another artwork (for publication alongside the submission)

    • Attachments: submission(s) in common file types

For long con editors, the category of "art" is very broad—ranging from your kid's popsicle-sticky pencil holder to a 700-story mega-tower in a sci-fi film—but in order to fit long con's theme, each submitted piece must respond to a specific artwork that you identify in detail in your submission email. A submission may respond to more than one such artwork or take an artwork as the starting point for a broader exploration of an artist or art form. We're not interested in submissions that skimp on engagement with specific artworks in favour of general responses to an artist's oeuvre or life, an artistic school or movement, an art form or genre, etc. We want specific moments of encounter and their unfolding into creative reaction.

Still not sure quite what we're on about? Try out ISSUE 1 or ISSUE 2.

  • We're currently seeking textual, visual, video, and audio art:

    • Poetry (3 to 5 pages), fiction (3 to 10 pages, single-spaced), and translation submissions should be unpublished in print or online.
      We do not publish essays, reviews, or creative non-fiction.

    • Visual/photographic art, video/performance art, and music/audio art submissions may be new or existing; they may have been exhibited, performed, released, or otherwise circulated but should ​be unpublished in any print or online book, anthology, or periodical.

  • We encourage collaborative submissions. In the context of long con, however, 'collaboration' means two or more artists creating a shared response to existing artwork. If you're looking to submit a more traditional collaboration (e.g., you're two artists creating a new series of responses to one another's work), consider submitting to Collusion Books instead.

  • We encourage simultaneous submissions. The con is long, but life is short. If you place a submitted piece elsewhere, we likely won't be able to publish it, so please let us know as soon as possible. Our response times are always under three months.

  • We cannot yet offer contributor payment. When we can, we'll start by backpaying our earliest contributors first. If we ever have extra funds, they will be used to support other long con projects, like Collusion Books or Couplets.

  • We actively prioritize submissions by First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and (in a global sense) other Indigenous artists. When submitting, we welcome you to identify yourself and/or your affiliations in your artist bio and/or in a separate note in your submission email.

  • Past contributors should wait a full year before submitting again. If we have published you as a solo artist and you wish to submit a collaborative piece (or vice versa), you may disregard this wait period.

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