"a parliament of angles"


"the ongoing whatever you want to call it now"


"through beauty in and through beauty out"

Kevin Heslop

Kevin Heslop is a poet from London Township Treaty territory. He has written two chapbooks, con/tig/u/us (Blasted Tree, 2018) and there is no minor violence just as there is no negligible cough during an aria (Frog Hollow, 2019); a poem-made-broadside, Human Beings Have Met to Suture the Wounds the Railroads Have Made Across This Country (Anstruther, 2020); and the forthcoming collection the correct fury of your why is a mountain (Gordon Hill, 2021). Kevin is currently residing interviewly with The /tƐmz/ Review and Poetry London; co-organizing LOMP: reading series; and directing filmic translations of a second sequence of poems — the first sequence having appeared in long con ISSUE 2 — as well as a documentary about Antler River Rally for GardenShip and State, an intersectional research project to be installed at Museum London in fall of 2021.

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"This sequence of found poems was derived from an 8,867-word discussion of Derek Boswell's photography, which was published in The /temz/ Review. It marks the start of interdisciplinary dialogue between me and Boswell about the Anthropocene, with a focus on the pandemic, that will be installed at McIntosh Gallery (London, Ontario) in winter of  2022.

     Derek Boswell is a social documentary photographer hailing from Southwestern Ontario. His work emphasizes the discord between human-built and natural environments, with a recent focus on how the ongoing global pandemic has shaped his local surroundings."

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(after Missing [Squared] by Derek Boswell)

because suburbia                    is falling                  i had to stand

at the intersection                                                 and the artefact

off-camera               a cop explaining recursion at great length

to a gap               in the traffic             in the middle of the road

my body is an art of desperate                                      exclusion

                                                            framed suddenly                   


(after Playtime Slavery by Derek Boswell)

picture a foggy pretty enough night a little    duck a little

chicken a little     horse     steaming          a Rolleiflex 3.5B

and a unison                                                    can we envision

what’s going to happen        as this beautiful animal   this

emotion  question  wonder  time-specific animal   we are

is ridden and mastered                  at the expense of dignity

our painted children                                        subject to cute

whatever you want to call it                                          chains

will photograph their pleasures  at the end of civilization

the light source of reflection     deep discussion        going

like in war          you only see little     beyond what is right

in front of you                                            the era of the stars

the stars and the stripes and the eagle and the good  time

steaming over hasn’t started                                              but

reason                                                                       will boil yet


(after Mass Gravetones by Derek Boswell)

don’t remind me                            to tell you the story about the world

on the eve of the fiasco of souls                   during the emblematic day


capitalism shot that   Vermont state messenger appealing on the spot


through                    and through                                                                      

to             beauty in                          beauty out       so      don’t sugar-coat


the pulpit                            the gas cult                                                             

                              after                                     saying to the future            no

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