"Missing Potato"

emilie kneifel

em/ilie kneifel is a poet / critic, editor at The Puritan / Theta Wave, creator of CATCH / PLAYD8s, and also a list. find 'em in Tiohtiá:ke, hopping and hoping.


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"the original tweet was a poem; i just pulled at the string and out tumbled this. mothers/guilt and a very weak mimicry of zachary schomberg. (i know. i couldn’t convince it to be anything else. potatoes are very stubborn.)"

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(after this tweet and zachary schomburg)


     one of my potatoes hatched 

     and has run away from home. 

     i should say: my potato 

     is a rabbit. all my potatoes are rabbits

     but not all my rabbits are potatoes. 

     you can live a long time, you know,

     applying so much math to things.

     my potato is in hiding 

     because she’s afraid. she’s afraid 

     because i am big, 

     and not a potato,

     and because she is pregnant.

     if you find my potato, please 

     be careful not to startle her. being a mother, 

     and a potato, she has eyes 

     in the back of her head

     that are starting to root.

     i hope she doesn’t eat 

     the babies i hope she 

     doesn’t eat the babies 

     if she eats the babies, 

     i will understand

     it will have been 

     my fault

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