Tiny Telescopic Treasures

stop-motion animation with music & lyrics by Yessica Woahneil

Síle Englert

Síle Englert is a poet, fiction writer, and multidisciplinary artist who dabbles in everything from knitting to tattoo design. She is the author of Threadbare, a chapbook from Baseline Press, and a forthcoming chapbook from Anstruther Press (spring, 2020). Her short fiction and poetry have been featured in journals including The Fiddlehead, Room Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, Canthius, Freefall Magazine, The /tƐmz/ Review, and The Minola Review.

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"I was captivated by 'Tiny Telescopic Treasures' as soon as I heard it and found myself listening to it repetitively. The combination of Yessica's gorgeous, incredibly unique voice with her guitar beating like a quick pulse in the background—I saw it as movement. The way the world is never quite still, there’s always something waving, quivering or flowing. The seed of the animation was a phrase from the song: 'a little dream.' I took this idea of pulse and movement and built a sort of surreal dream-story around it, with paper dolls in silhouette. The contrast of black and white, shadow and light, was my way of visually representing the sweetness and darkness in the lyrics."

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