Series 1

Series 1 of Couplets included 21 events held over three years (from 2016 through 2018) in London, Ontario. These events were generously hosted by several local arts venues — foremost among them being Brown and Dickson Booksellers and TAP Centre for Creativity.


London is located in a region once settled by the Attawandaran, Algonquin, and Haudenosaunee peoples, and settlers in the region now share the land with the nearby Chippewa of the Thames First Nation (of the Anishinaabe), the Oneida Nation of the Thames (of the Haudenosaunee), and the Munsee-Delaware Nation (of the Leni-Lunaape).


Series 1 took three different approaches to collaboration, first pairing established and emerging poets (in 2016), then pairing local and visiting poets (in 2017 and 2018), before finally focusing on collaborations between writers and artists working in other forms (in 2018).

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