Collusion Books is a micro-press publishing print and digital chapbooks of collaborative poetry.

Collusion celebrates collectivism in poetry; encourages hybridity between poetry and other arts; & particularly welcomes the conceptual, the formal, and the speculative.

All revenue from Collusion sales and donations supports long con, helping to pay contributors while keeping the magazine free for readers.

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Print Chapbooks


Call for Submissions

Collusion Books is accepting submissions of chapbook-length manuscripts of collaborative poetry for its inaugural season of print chapbooks (fall, 2020).


Submissions close on June 10, 2020.


Send full manuscripts to

  1. Subject line: Collusion Books submission

  2. Email body: full list of collaborators (including an author/artist bio, email address, & mailing address for each) + brief description of the collaborative process behind the chapbook

  3. Attachment: manuscript in two formats, both PDF and DOC/DOCX

Priority given to submissions that include one or more collaborators living in Nova Scotia, Canada.



First in an ongoing series of digital chapbooks featuring pamphlet-length two-person collaborations, 2x4^1 will present new collaborations by

Bill Arnott + Mala Rai

Gary Barwin + Michael Orr

Patrick Butler + E Martin Nolan

Mehraz Karami + Khashayar Mohammadi


2x4^1 launches in June, 2020, and will be accessible a pay-what-you-want basis. All proceeds will support printing costs for Collusion's inaugural season of print chapbooks.

Charitable anthologies


Call for Submissions

Collusion Books is accepting submissions of collaborative poetry — on the theme "future(s)" — for digital publication in our second charitable anthology, co-edited by Síle Englert.

Submissions close on June 30, 2020.

After the amazing success of our first round of charitable anthologies — Is It Less Lonely Like This (Collusion Books) and March 2020 (845 Press) — we are teaming up with 845 Press again:

  • Collusion Books call: Collaborative poetry related to the anthology's theme: “future(s).” Please submit only one collaborative piece per pair/group of collaborators.

  • 845 Press call: Poetry related to the anthology’s title: This Too Will Pass: June 2020. (We are looking for positive elements in this round of poetry.) Please submit only one poem each.


HOW TO SUBMIT (until June 30)

Both chapbook anthologies are hosted on The Temz Review’s submissions manager. Please ensure you submit to the correct folder.

HOW TO ACCESS (starting June 1)

Access both anthologies (or reserve access before they're published) by redeeming your receipt for an eligible charitable donation or an eligible small press / indie bookstore purchase. Email the receipt to or with the subject line "Pandemic Chapbooks Initiative." Receipts should be dated June 1, 2020, or laterNo donation or purchase is too small.

Our charitable focus for this pair of anthologies attends to the pandemic-related rise of domestic violence and other forms of insecurity for women and LGBTQ2SIA+ folx as well as recent culminations in the centuries-long organized campaign of capitalist state violence against BIPOC folx.

  • Eligible donation receipts demonstrate support for women’s shelters, domestic violence shelters, anti-domestic-violence initiatives, and organizations supporting LGBTQ2SIA+ folx or for Black Lives Matter organizations, bail funds, and other organizations supporting BIPOC folx and protesters.

  • Eligible purchase receipts are those from small presses / indie bookstores for books by authors of marginalized sexes, genders, or orientations (including women) or for books by BIPOC authors.

  • If making a donation or purchase isn't possible, you can instead email us the name of an eligible charitable organization you would like to support: we’ll send you both chapbooks and make a modest donation on your behalf. No questions asked.

Is It Less Lonely Like This is 8 poems written collaboratively by 20 poets under conditions of isolation and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It features audio & video performance as well as new paintings from the series (the gangbang) by Angie Quick. The anthology is now free to access: simply click "READ NOW."


A companion anthology published by 845 Press, March 2020: A COVID-19 Anthology, collects more than forty individually written poems about life during the pandemic. To access, visit 845 Press.

As of May 1, 2020, readers of these two anthologies had given nearly $5000 in support of more than thirty organizations and businesses, including independent bookstores, small presses, artist-support funds, food banks, and crisis funds for disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

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