Collusion Books is a poetry micro-press dedicated to publishing collaborative chapbooks—those whose authorship is shared among two or more active collaborators.

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In collaboration with The /temz/ Review's 845 Press, Collusion is publishing a pair of digital poetry anthologies to encourage charitable giving during the pandemic.


Those who've supported literary or charitable causes since March 1st will be able to "buy" copies with their receipts.


845 Press is calling for poetry that is in some way about COVID-19.


Collusion Books is calling for collaborative poetry created during quarantine, social distancing, or conditions preventing social distancing.

Submissions will be handled through The /temz/ Review's submission manager.

Deadline is March 28, 2020.


​Submissions are now open for publication in fall of 2020.

Though submissions needn't do or be all three of these at once, Collusion Books

  1. seeks to promote collectivism in poetry;

  2. encourages hybridity between poetry and other artistic forms; and

  3. particularly welcomes conceptual, experimental, constrained, formal, and speculative works.

Send full manuscripts to

  • Subject line: Collusion Books

  • Email body: full list of collaborators (with email address & bio for each) + brief description of project and its collaborative process

  • Attachment: manuscript in two formats, both PDF and DOC/DOCX


Queries and questions are welcome at the same address.

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